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    We offer Swiss quality and extremely easy handling.

Entire range

You benefit from an entire product range with a standardised control concept: Know one Biral pump, know them all – even with customised solutions.

Biral has the right pump for every situation in your everyday life – whether for heating, ventilation or drinking water. Our strength lies in our wide range of products, which is aimed at meeting the varied demands of our customers. At the same time, we are also honouring our commitment to sustainability: Biral pumps use sophisticated technology to strike a balance between the highest level of comfort and the lowest energy consumption.

Standardised – the Biral control concept

The Biral product family guarantees an identical Biral control concept and maximum user-friendliness across the entire range.
“Know one, know them all”

Connected – Biral interface module

The Biral interface module enables the ModulA to be integrated easily and into any building services control system as the situation requires.

Economical – Biral EcoDesign

With EEI ratings from ≤ 0.15*, Biral pumps are categorised as “best in class”.
*varies depending on type

Wireless – Biral remote adapter

Biral Remote enables the ModulA or VariaA to be configured and analysed via WiFi using a smartphone or tablet.